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Tips to Travel Like a Local in Namibia

Namibia takes pride in possessing some of the most striking landscapes in Africa. The natural wonders like Fish River Canyon and Etosha National Park enthrall populace on a visit here with their uniqueness. However, what actually entices travelers here is the concept of road adventures that one experiences while driving a Namibia car rental on a clear desert roads. For an unforgettable excursion to the African Nation, you are suggested to explore beyond the obvious. Take for instance, the African cuisine that has impressions of long-cherished German legacy.

Temperatures largely vary in the country depending upon season and region, but a travel tip for Namibia that must not be overlooked is online car hire. The foremost benefit of hiring a car for Namibia is the ease with which you can plan an itinerary of things to do on your own. As we provide you with a wide fleet of cars so you can select the car, supplier and rental packages as is suitable. Whether you are looking forward to camping in Etosha or sightseeing in Damaraland, there are abundant indulgence opportunities worth being experienced. All you need is rental car to travel with utmost comfort and safety.


Important Things to Remember While Traveling in Namibia


Driving in Namibia

Driving in Namibia is an enjoyable experience, though very different from what you might be used to. Try to drive in the middle of road and don't over-speed. Be careful as animals can dart out unexpectedly. Check car's tyres properly at the time of pick-up to ensure that it is well-kept.


Watch out for wildlife!

The end of dry season in months of July-October is the best time for animal spotting as it is mostly dry and animals meet near waterholes. For instance- Damaraland and seal colonies near coast are favorite regions of animals like brown hyena, elephants & black rhinos.


Surplus Water

Namibia has an arid environment. Irrespective of what time of the year you choose to visit here but, it is always a wise choice to keep surplus water with you. Even if you feel that there is no need to, you might need it for your car or some unforeseen situation.


Money Exchange

To save money when traveling to Namibia, keep in touch with a professional currency broker for money exchange. It is better to avoid banks and credit cards as you may be charged additional transaction fee for levying their services, which can be expensive.


Be Safe

The long gravel roads are usually not crowded and you might be tempted to over-speed. But Beware! There are chances of skidding on curves. Tier bursts and flying stones are a part of driving style in the country.


Breaking Down in the Desert

Over heating and fast speeds on roads with sharp stones are two of the major reasons for tyre bursts in the country. Thus, do not be surprised, rather drive safe and keep handy a few essential equipments. Check with your supplier, if it is covered under insurance!

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