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Top Activities & Things to Do in Namibia


Self- Drive Safaris

One of the most cherished experiences for all travelers in Namibia is getting behind the wheels of their rented cars and exploring the open road here at their comfort. Self- drive safaris have always been one of the biggest priorities for people visiting African countries and Namibia is no different. Not only are self- drive safaris a romantic experience for people; rather it also is a favorite activity for both leisure as well as business travelers in the country. The unique and epic landscape that travelers can unveil while on these self- drive safaris is just beyond imagination and is truly worth experiencing.

In Africa, Namibia is undoubtedly the safest place for tourists to embark on self- drive safaris across both the open roads as well as across the wildlife reserves and national parks here. Sparse human population, empty and less- traversed roads make the entire experience more enjoyable for tourists when coupled with our budget- friendly and all- inclusive rental cars in Namibia.


Hiking in the Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon is located towards the far south in Namibia and it is known for offering one of the most challenging hiking experiences to travelers from all over the world. The Fish River Canyon is 27 km wide, 160 km long as well as 550 meter deep. Keeping in mind the challenges as well as unforgettable experience of hiking this trial, visitors in Namibia usually plan out their itinerary in such a way that they can comfortably experience this multi- day hike across the second largest canyon in the world.

Not only are visitors drawn by the challenging nature of hiking through this canyon; rather the quintessential beauty of the Fish River Canyon also invites tourists to become a part of this 85 km long trail. Hiking through this canyon will take you beyond more than 1.5 billion year of geological history of this place. The soaring temperature here makes it inaccessible during most part of the year and the ideal time for hiking is from May to mid- September.


Exploring the Desert Playground

There is no dearth of exciting activities in Namibia and for adventurous people who like to take part in different activities; Namibia is probably one of the best places to unravel while spending their vacations here. Places like Spitzkoppe, the Namib Desert, Swakopmund, the Fish River Canyon and the Namib- Naukluft National Park are the perfect examples of a desert playground with a bunch of different activities aimed at providing all tourists with entertainment and thrill in the country.

Rock climbing in Spitzkoppe, Skydiving over the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, Landboarding and Kitesurfing in Swakopmund, Dune climbing and Sandboarding in Namib Desert, Hiking in the Fish River Canyon and Hot- Air Ballooning over the Namib- Naukluft National Park are some of the activities worth participating while in Namibia.


Bird- Watching in the Caprivi Strip

Caprivi Strip is one of the prominent bird- watching destinations in Namibia. It is a region consisting of majorly the tropical rainforests, slow flowing rivers as well as green hills, thus making way for more than 339 avian species to be found across the entire length and breadth of this strip. Some of these bird species are exclusive to this region and hence it is a real treat for people who are planning to visit the Caprivi Strip especially for catching a glimpse of these unique bird species. The Caprivi Strip is also home to some other animal species including crocodiles, giraffes, waterbucks, antelopes, hippos and lions among many others.

This long and narrow extension of land in Namibia is one of the top bird- watching spots in South Africa and birders who are on their pursuit of the Okavango species (Coppery- tailed Coucal and Slaty Egret) have better chances of spotting these birds here at a fraction of the prices as compared to what they will spend in Botswana.

Game Sighting in Etosha National Park

Explore every nook and corner of the Etosha National Park by embarking on a game drive here. It is not only the third largest game reserve in Africa; rather it is also a safe haven for a vast variety of animal species such as elephants, zebras, antelopes, wildebeest, giraffes, hyenas as well as big cats. Take a ride across the gigantic Etosha salt pan which is stunningly surrounded by more than 22,000 sq km of grasslands, which makes for a brilliant territory for game- viewing and wildlife watching.

The vastness of the Etosha salt pan makes it visible from the space as well and the water holes in this national park is a great place for watching wildlife in their natural habitat. Game sightings are guaranteed along these waterholes provided that you spend some time here away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Etosha National Park is easily accessible from all parts of Namibia and the abundance of rest camps here will make your stay hassle- free and secure.  You can also visit this national park in regular sedans.


Eat out and Explore Swakopmund

Swakopmund is one of the best holiday destinations in Namibia and it offers a plethora of activities for all tourists. Swakopmund enjoys favorable climate for the most part of the year, which makes activities like walking around the beach, surfing and fishing worth experiencing in this Namibian city. Swakopmund is rightly known as the adventurous sports capital of Namibia. Swakopmund was founded by Germans and its present- day architecture speaks well of its German history. Another feather in the cap of this Namibian city is the cuisines available here. Tourists make it a point to eat in this city where all cuisines have the dominance of potatoes as well as meat.

When in Namibia, take out time to eat out in Swakopmund and explore the Desert Asparagus Farm and spend some time exploring the various crops here. The hard- timbered homes and buildings belonging to the German colonial era are a treat for everyone visiting this Namibian holiday destination, with the fierce winds and palm trees being the only factor which distinguishes Swakopmund from the German coast.


Do conservation work at AfriCat Foundation

The AfriCat Foundation in Namibia is a non- profit organization which promotes the conservation of large carnivores. This is basically a rehabilitation centre which cares for the African large cats including leopards, cheetahs, lions as well as endangered species of wild cats. This organizations works in a rescue and release basis and visitors here can spend their time in the luxury lodges and visit all the rehabilitated species of large carnivores. They can also contribute as well as indulge in some conservation work at this AfriCat Foundation. These overnight luxury lodges allow visitors to spend their time in tracking the rehabilitated wild cats including cheetahs and hyenas, while also embarking on the leopard safaris.

The main vision of the AfriCat Foundation is to make a significant contribution to the conservation of wild cats and carnivores in Africa primarily through education for ensuring long- term conservation of the wild in their natural habitats.


Explore magnificent Luderitz

The mere existence of this destination in Namibia comes across as a big surprise given to its sandwiched location between the Atlantic Sea on one side as well as the Namib Desert on another. The town of Luderitz boasts of extensive German- styled architecture and colonial buildings and its grace and beauty gets multiplied many folds through the existence of Bavarian styled cafes as well as pubs here. The gigantic flocks of flamingos which gather across the Luderitz Peninsula are a treat for all visitors which further make Luderitz a must- visit destination for all tourists in the country.

Also considered as the historic diamond town in Namibia, the white- sand beaches, crystal clear waters as well as wide- open skies are surely worth experiencing whether you are visiting Namibia on a business or leisure trip. With the diamond industries still contributing a lot to the reputation of this town, you can certainly catch a glimpse of the numerous diamond factories here.


Safari in Namib Naukluft National Park

Safaris are a part of every tourist’s itinerary in Namibia and the Namib Naukluft National Park here makes for a perfect wildlife safari for all types of travelers in the country. Exclusive views of the red sand dunes, dusty savannahs as well as rock- bound expedition trips make the Namib Naukluft National Park the perfect place for spending a few hours or for an overnight stay given to the well- kept lodges here. Being a part of the Namib Desert, this national park also holds ample opportunity for spotting wildlife species in their natural environment, hence making for a perfect African safari experience.

While in Namibia, visit the orange colored dunes topped with strands of grasses and take a stroll while spotting hyenas, gemsbok as well as oryxs roaming around in their natural habitats. It is a must- visit place for hikers who can find true adventure in its less- traversed ravines and sparsely- vegetated valleys.


Meet the Himba tribe in Kaokoland

One of the best ways to learn more about the tribal culture, customs as well as survival techniques in Namibia is by visiting the Himba tribe in Kaokoland. Himba is a popular semi- nomadic tribe located in the region of Kaokoland towards northern Namibia.  Their beehive- shaped mud huts as well as their everyday tactics of applying mud and fat in order to stay protected from the sun is something very unusual as well as exciting to experience and learn about. For visiting any of the Himba villages here, travelers can lodge into the Serra Cafema Camps in Namibia. Thanks to the guided tours, you will get to know about the Himba people and their intriguing culture up and close.

These guided, wilderness safaris in Namibia is a great way of experiencing cultural tourism and it ensures that all the visitors experience a high- quality tour of the lesser- known fractions and tribes in Namibia. It is also a great way for appreciating the cultural knowledge as well as heritage of the Himba community.

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