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Best Time to go on a Namibian Holiday

With 300 days of sunshine in a year, Namibia is definitely a sunny place worth being explored. In general, the country has subtropical desert climate that is primarily characterized by huge differences in the times during day and night. It rains on a comparatively lower scale here and climate remains humid for most part of the year. Interested travelers can plan a visit to Namibia any time to explore the touristic attractions in rented car. However, the best time to plan a long vacation to Namibia is during the months from April to October, when temperature is somewhere around 25 degree Celsius during the day and nights are dry & cold. The skyline is pleasantly blue, especially during these months. If planning a trip some time soon, get a car rental for Namibia so that there is no problem commuting safely. Factually, one person’s best time to visit might not be the same for other. Thus, it also depends upon where you plan to visit and what are your interests.

November - March: Rainy Season


Weather keeps varying during the month of November- sometimes dry and fresh, and at other times rainy and cold. Desert areas have unusual climate from December to March. It being a rainy season, rains vary from short showers to thunderstorms.

  • February is the wettest month in this period. There is greenery all around and it is just the ideal time for bird watching.
  • Pristine locales, newborn animals and budding plants all together make up for a beautiful picturesque view during this time.
  • The best time to visit Etosha is in the months of January and February as the animals tend to move out of their hide-outs.
  • With sun not so harsh, it is ideal time to explore deserts & landscapes. There is moisture in air and a beautiful skyline up above.

April - May: Greener Pleasant Months


Freshness in the air and greenery all around, these are certainly two of the most pleasant months of the year in Namibia. There is no dust in the air and wildlife lovers are likely to find this weather the most interesting of all.

  • It is one of the most favorite times amongst visitors to Namibia. Indeed a ‘wow’ month to indulge in bird watching.
  • The nature lovers are likely to find this weather intriguing as there is a lot to admire in terms of wildlife.
  • By the end of April, it is time when winter starts approaching and there is no virtually no rain.
  • With little dust in air, it is the perfect time to capture sand dunes in your lens and make the most of your trip.

June - August: Cool and Dry Months


Warm and clear days and cold nights perfectly define weather during these months. The countryside gets quite dry now and weather drops below zero in some of the eminent desert areas.

  • Locating wildlife in Namibia tends to get difficult around this time as animals flock to waterholes due to dry conditions.
  • It tends to get bright by the middle of the day. As for bird watching, it remains similar to previous months.
  • Windhoek lies on highveld and it tends to get colder from June-August. At times, temperature is below freezing in night.
  • The culinary enthusiasts can look forward to sample the unique flavors by gorging upon local delicacies.

September - October: Dry Months


October is one of the driest months of the year in Namibia. By this time, vegetation loses its vibrancy and there is a lot of dust all over. However, it is perhaps the best of all seasons for exploring wildlife and game viewing.

  • An exploratory trip to deserts may not be too good an idea as it tends to get very hot in the bright day light.
  • The migratory birds like Carmine bee-eaters start nesting around this time for upcoming rainy season.
  • The most notable regions in Namibia are best explored during September- October, especially in Sossusvlei and Etosha.
  • There is lesser vegetation and parks are not at all over-crowded except for Etosha, which is a crowd-puller year round.

Popular Road Trips and Routes in Namibia

Reaching Epupa Falls - From Khorixas, you can take route C39 and C43 through Damaraland to reach Opuwo. Then, drive straight to the Epupa Waterfalls.

If you have visited Khorixas via car then drive your pre-booked Namibia car rental on the C39 and C43 through Damaraland. Passing through this route will cover a few notable regions including Palmwag, Warmquelle and Sesfontein. Via these places, you reach Opuwo. If you are not stopping by for long en route to Opuwo then it might take you a day or so as it covers a distance of around 420Km. Travelers can arrange an accommodation in advance in Opuwo for an overnight stay.

You can then take C43 route to travel from Opuwo to the Epupa Falls on the Kunene River. It is a 210Km drive that takes approx two and a half hours by car.

Best Time to Visit- Although no two persons can agree on the same time and season but, tourists frequently visit here in November- February.

Experience Wildlife -From Opuwo, drive along C41 to Ruacana Waterfalls & then Ovamboland. From here, take B1 in southwestern direction to visit Etosha National Park.

A 14-day long trip in Namibia can be pre-planned if you have rented a car, with Etosha National Park being the ultimate destination.

The trip basically includes the highlights of Namibia to the North and South. The small African nation is famous World over for its safaris, but there is more to it in terms of culture, wildlife and adventure. This specific trip begins from Windhoek where you can experience the fascinating desert landscapes of NamibRand Nature Reserve in the city. The apricot dunes of Namib-Naukluft Park can also be witnessed here.

Following B2, it will take you around 3 hours via car to visit Swakopmund and enjoy its coastal charm. Swakopmund Museum, the National Maine Aquarium of Namibia, Swakopmund Camel Farm and Woermannhaus are the few attractions that can be visited within the city. Proceed further via C35to discover ancient rock art and breathtaking scenery in Damaraland. Plan a trip to the Etosha National Park, spend a few hours in there to conclude the trip with a visit to the big AfriCat Foundation.

Best Time to Visit- Dry May to October winters is the best time to be here.

Beyond Sossusvlei This trip is an adventurous ride starting with Sossusvlei and leading to Kalahari Desert. It is worthy of being included in your itinerary of things to do. From Swakopmund, plan a drive to Sossusvlei. If you are an adventure seeker then climbing up the sand dunes here is going to be highlight of your journey. Hereon, you can drive further to the south along the valleys of Naukluft Park to reach the coastal town of Luderitz. The colonial town, Kolmanskop, beaches, bays and birds grab get all the attention in this region. The most awaited destination of this route, the Fish River Canyon can be visited from hereon via two routes. However, you can take route B4 for a six hour drive. Hikers are up for a fun time in this marvelous geographical phenomenon.

The last stop on this trip would be Kalahari Desert. There is a lodge where you can arrange accommodation. If you have a car then you can visit Quiver Tree Forest and another unique highlight, the Giant's Playground. There is not much to do here. From here, drive back to Windhoek!

Best Time to Visit- If you are looking forward to covering Fish River canyon as part of your excursion then the best time to plan a visit along this route would be between May to October.

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